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2018 Sauvignon Blanc

The 2018 vintage was an exceptional quality year, this Sauvignon Blanc exhibits the fine quality of this variety in great years. A strong lifted bouquet with a floral bouquet. The palate is rich and flavoursome with a firm acid balance.


Enjoy it with:

Raw and lightly cooked shellfish such as oysters, prawns, fresh crab and simply grilled fish. Perfect with Japanese dishes such as sushi, sashimi and smoked salmon. For dessert keep it light, apple, pineapple or pear fruit cakes or tarts.


When to drink:

A great wine to drink whilst young and fresh or it will continue to improve with age for 2-5 years.

Ideal temperature: Less than 7°C.

Our established vines were first planted some 40 years ago, making Hunter’s Dream one of the oldest boutique wineries in the region.

The tradition of these vines yielding award winning wines continues to this day under the guiding influence of Kees van de Scheur and his experienced team.

Over Four Decades of Legacy

Rooted in time, our vineyards were initially planted over 40 years ago, solidifying Hunter’s Dream as one of the region's most enduring boutique wineries.

Tradition of Excellence

The age-old tradition of these vines yielding award-winning wines persists under the guiding influence of Kees van de Scheur and his seasoned team, ensuring Hunter's Dream maintains its legacy of excellence.

Passionate Devotion

Kees Van De Scheur stands among the rare breed of winemakers whose ardor for wine mirrors his deep passion for life and people. Boasting over 40 years of expertise garnered from renowned wineries in the Hunter region, Kees possesses an unparalleled understanding of running a thriving estate and crafting the highest quality wines, year after year. His aspiration is to elevate Hunter's Dream into his most esteemed winery yet.

Over Four Decades of Legacy
Tradition of Excellence
Passionate Devotion
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