Hillston Estate

Bathed in the golden glow of the Australian sun, our Hillston Estate is home to the finest Italian olive groves.

Hillston Estate is as an oasis of olive excellence, our sun-kissed groves meticulously cultivated to yield award-winning olive oil.

Our journey began at the turn of the millennium, with a handpicked selection of ancient olive trees from Umbria, Italy.

These esteemed trees, tracing their roots to pre-Roman times, flourish in Hillston Estate's rich soil and idyllic climate. Inspired by time-honored traditions, we meticulously propagated 190,000 trees from an initial grove of 1,600, creating an unparalleled blend of Frantoio, Coratina, Leccino, and Pendolino varieties. Our dedication to quality has earned Hillston Estate's olive oils international acclaim, revered for their exceptional sensory and taste characteristics.

The Journey

Picked at the peak of ripeness, our olives embark on a journey of transformation, culminating in the finest Estate-Quality Olive Oil.

Our olives are meticulously picked at the peak of ripeness, signalling the commencement of a transformative journey that unfolds the story of our carefully nurtured groves, setting the stage for the creation of the finest Estate-Quality Olive Oil.
Within mere hours of harvest, a meticulous process unfolds—gentle washing, crushing to a paste, and precision cold-pressing using the latest techniques. Released is the essence of the Australian terroir, and a liquid embodiment of its vibrant flavours and pristine natural beauty.
Our certified premium olive oil emerges as a symphony of flavours, brimming with healthy fats and antioxidants, a testament to our unwavering commitment to estate-quality products.

Made at Hillston Estate

Produced out our Hillston Estate, delve into the world of Hunter’s Dream Olive Oils and get a taste of tradition, artistry, and culinary excellence.

Our Estates

Our produce is a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability. We source our ingredients from our own estates or from like-minded producers who share our passion for wholesome, nutritious, estate quality food.

Hunter's Dream Winery

Hunter's Dream Winery

Hunter's Dream Winery is where thriving vineyards, perfumed olive groves, aromatic lavender fields, and a tea tree plantation intertwine to create a tapestry of flavours 
and aromas.
Mangrove Mountain Estate

Mangrove Mountain Estate

Home to some of the world’s purest natural spring water, Mangrove Mountain Estate is a testament to the interconnectedness of life, and a symbol of our estate's commitment to sustainability.