First Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Crafted from early-picked olives, this raw drink-grade olive oil offers a unique daily indulgence for comprehensive well-being. Experience the freshness and richness of its flavour—a harmonious blend of slightly bitter and fruity grassy notes, culminating in a subtle, spicy aftertaste. This 100% Made in Australia Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a testament to its unparalleled quality.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (100%)

Product of Australia
Store in a cool, dry area away from light.

From our sun-kissed groves to your table, savour the essence of Australia, tradition, and culinary innovation in our premium olive oil range.

High-Grade Premium Olive Oil

Our high-grade premium products are made from the finest olives tree, 
with origins in Umbria, Italy. They're laboratory-tested and proven to be rich in healthy nutrients.

Guaranteed Freshness

We use olives that are grown locally at our Hillston Estate using the latest farming, and are processed through a pressing techniques that guarantees freshness and quality in every bottle.

Dedicated to Quality

Meticulously cultivated and harvested to yield award-winning olive oils.

High-Grade Premium Olive Oil
Guaranteed Freshness
Dedicated to Quality
The Estate

Hillston Estate

Bathed in the golden glow of the Australian sun, our Hillston Estate is home to the finest Italian olive groves. Discover estate